All Clinical rotations in the united states will help you secure your residency - 6 years md program
- 4 years md program
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Six year MD program

Requires High school diploma with major in Biology. Students can do three years at the main campus and have the option to do the clinical rotations in Chicago, USA.

Four year MD program

Designated for students who already finished premedical program. Students can do four semesters at the main campus and have the option to do the fifth semester and clinical rotations in Chicago, USA.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Courses

ESL classes are available to non-native English-language students to help them on English proficiency tests and to master their English language skills.
Improve your English quickly and effectively. Each of our courses has a special focus, allowing you to direct your studies in the way that best suits you. These courses prepare you for the colleague level of English language prior to your enrollment in the MD program.

  • Two key brain systems are central to psychosis, study finds
    on April 12, 2024

    Inside the brains of people with psychosis, two key systems are malfunctioning: a "filter" that directs attention toward important external events and internal thoughts, and a "predictor" composed of pathways that anticipate rewards.

  • Researchers test new behavioral health interventions
    on April 11, 2024

    The concept of One Health—which emphasizes the relationship between human, animal, plant and environmental health—has been gaining ground in scientific discussions in recent years. Brazilian and North American researchers developing research using this approach presented their work on Tuesday, […]

  • Engineering students' device could make intubation safer for young babies
    on April 11, 2024

    TinyTrach, a team of interdisciplinary engineering students from Rice University, has created an innovative pediatric endotracheal tube (ETT) integrated with a camera and anchoring system that could make intubation procedures safer for babies 1 month and older by ensuring precise placement, stable […]


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