4 year MD Program

A 4 year Doctor of Medicine degree (4 year MD program). Students must have completed a pre-med program to qualify for enrollment into the 4 Year MD program. The total ECTS for the program is 240 which is equivalent to 120 credit hours. Upon completion of this program the student will gain a title of Doctor of Medicine (MD) and a valid diploma to practice medicine.


Basic tasks and goals of the Medical Faculty (vision, mission, compliance with priorities and needs of the Municipality, Belize, Central America, etc.)

In accordance with the provisions and lexicon on higher education of Belize, C.A. the Faculty of Medicine in Belize organizes and conducts academic study programs, scientific research and health work, continuous medical education and publishing activity in the educational and scientific field of medical sciences. The justification of the faculty is reflected in its compliance with the Belize Development Strategy, which aims to improve the quality of life of citizens, and to increase the interest in investing a wider circle of organizations, groups and individuals. Due to the lack of personnel on territory of Belize and on the basis of Information on the Deficit and Sufficient Occupations of the Employment Service in the country. Compatible with tendencies. Co-ordination is reflected in the recognition of the importance of higher education institutions for faster and more efficient development of the municipality, the establishment of cooperation between the academic community and the local administration. Regardless of the fact that at the level of the municipality of Belize higher education takes place at present universities, this newly established Faculty of Medicine would be unique in its activities, not only in the municipality but also in the region. Already established contacts and cooperation of this Medical Faculty with health institutions in the country, will enable high-quality student practice, as well as the engagement of competent medical personnel.

The vision of the School of Medicine is a modern higher education institution in the field of medicine, recognized by the achievements of its teachers and students, involved in Central America and world education, professional, and scientific research flows. The mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to educate quality medical experts who will possess knowledge, skills, attitudes and ethical standards and be fully qualified for independent clinical work, as well as for biomedical and clinical research. Future doctors of medicine should have a holistic approach to the treatment of patients, in which clinical knowledge and skills are integrated with scientific

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Training in Chicago

1st year

Anatomy 1

Histology and Embryology

Anatomy 2



Scientific research work 

2nd year

Basics of Microbiology and Immunology





Clinical Propedeutics (H&P)

3rd year

Internal Medicine



Family Medicine 

4th year

Obstetrics and Gynecology



Intensive Care

Urgent Medicine

Hematology and Oncology


Infectious Diseases





Physical Medicine with Rehabilitation