Our Story

American Northwest University was established and located in the heart of Belmopan, the Capital of Belize, Central America with an office located in Chicago to conduct all clinical rotations. The idea was to establish a bridge between Central America and Chicago to offer our students and graduates hands on experience to gain wealthy knowledge from the American educational and health system.


“To be a great doctor:

It takes a heart of a Lion, the eye of an Eagle and a hand of a mother.”

Dr. Mohammad Khamis,

CEO/Dean of the Medicine School

American Northwest University is located in the heart of Belmopan, Central  America, its roads winding through city parks and thriving neighborhoods, creating an extraordinary connection that is hard to achieve. This vibrant and dynamic university serves Central America, and the world through its teaching, research and outreach mission. ANU students come from different countries and majority from the United States of America. ANU offers two MD programs through which students can earn MD diploma. True to its objectives, American Northwest University delivers its courses through various modern methods, ranging from lively classroom discussions to formal sharing of ideas. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and learning tools, spacious classrooms, and an extensive database of learning materials that can be found in its library.

American Northwest University strives to provide its students with a well-balanced campus life experience in order to make learning enjoyable and meaningful as they prepare for a successful career ahead.

We are a rich resource of knowledge and always striving to share any innovative and creative ideas with the university community. We encourage innovation and creativity in everyone, while promoting a research environment that goes hand in hand with clinical excellence. We attract the world’s most talented students through our scholarship program to produce the best future doctors, researchers and academician. American Northwest University has educational, research and clinical mission. Each component of the mission of ANU is important, and allows academics and research to be fully integrated with clinical practice while providing an educational experience built around a teacher-practitioner model in order to train the next generation of health care professionals and providers.

ANU faculty members are truly dedicated instructors, professors, doctors and active researchers that contribute to an academic environment for perpetuation of knowledge and expertise. Our professors belong to top organizations, they lead national academic groups, and are regularly recognized for their scholarly contributions, most have doctoral degrees, and majority of our professors serve as mentors in their respective fields.