Application Instructions

  1. Completed application form. Your application will not be processed if it is incomplete.
  2. Four passport-sized photographs with name, social security number and signature on the back. A non-refundable deposit fee of USD $800 for visa and administrative application process, and $1000 towards your tuition. Applications will not be processed without the deposit. If you plan on writing a money order, please make it payable to American Northwest University. For wire transfers please contact us for instructions.
  3. Two recommendation forms from professors, employers or a pre-professional committee. These letters should be sent by the writers directly to the University. Letters from friends or family are unacceptable. If you are a transfer student, two letters of recommendation are required from faculty members of the institution(s). It is preferred that one of the letters of recommendation comes from a Dean.
  4. All 3 essays typed on separate sheet of paper. Please ensure your essays are double spaced and are legible. Please include your name and social security number on each separate page. Please sign the bottom of each sheet. Students are expected to write essays according to general English standards.
  5. Official transcripts. These should be sent directly from each institution attended. Official SAT, ACT, MCAT, and other examination scores should be sent directly from the testing agency if the applicant has taken these exams. TOEFL or IELTS could be submitted if English is not your native language.
  6. Curriculum vitae or résumé. Referee should be included telephone and e-mail.
  7. Letter of good conduct or background check from the police department. Please submit photocopies. All original documents to be brought to registration.
  8. Please complete a health form and have your immunization records forwarded to:
Health forms are available on our website, you may also request it by email.

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