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Applicants for American Northwest University School of Medicine are required to complete admission forms provided in PDF format or online, provide an essay regarding life experience and why they wish to pursue the medical profession with ANU. Additional information regarding extracurricular activities, academic achievements and professional experience can be included in a detailed curriculum vitae. Optional MCAT scores can be submitted with  high school/undergraduate academic transcripts and diplomas. Applicants are also required to provide a criminal record, background check from their state or country.

To attend clinical rotations in the states students are required to comply with a confidentiality agreement (HIPAA in the USA), provide medical approval from a physician indicating health status including results of a PPD test, provide a criminal record check from authorities of respective states or countries, documentation of immunization records, drug screening within 12 months of the medical rotation, scanned copies of photo IDs valid in respective states or countries (i.e. Driver’s license or Passport identification) and documentation of USMLE Step I scores.

A valid passport

Submit a copy of a valid passport with at least six month before expiration date


Detailed curriculum-Vitae with all contact information

High School Diploma

High School diploma with certified translation if not in English

Passport size Photo

Four Passport size Photo with the name printed on the back

Criminal Record

Background check from the respected state or your country


Provide an essay regarding life experience and why you wish to pursue the medical profession at ANU


The steps to apply to the American Northwest University are relatively simple. Complete and submit an online application form. Pay attention to and meet application deadlines. Make sure we receive all material required for your application to be complete.

All applications can be made through the online portal and via email but the signature page has to be submitted with original signature.

Your high school grades, school transcript, admission exam results, your assay, community service (if any), your motivation for attending medical school
physician shadowing, leadership, and research, as well as your MCAT and GPA, are taken into consideration during evaluation. How you balance outside activities and responsibilities with school work are an indicator of your ability to deal with the rigors of life as a physician.

MCAT, preferred but not requiered

2.5 or 65% in high school diploma for international students.

Yes and NO, Yes. A bachelor’s degree or a two years equivelent program is required to matriculate at the American Northwest University School of Medicine if you are applying to the four year MD program.
If you are applying to the six year MD program you will need only a four years high school diploma.

We accept students throughout the application cycles. September, January and May.

At any time, if you get accepted you start with the earliest class.

For your assistance, we have created a committee , which is designed to aid you in evaluating whether a career as a medical doctor is right for you and to help you determine if your qualifications, personal characteristics, and goals are a good match for applying to the American Northwest University School of Medicine.

We can interview approximately 450-550 applicants interview each year.

Yes. All letters of recommendation must be on letterhead, have a valid signature and be submitted with application

The ANU School of Medicine requires three letters of recommendation but will accept up to four letters.

We strongly discourage it. Your application will be considered stronger if you have objective individuals write your letters.

Yes. Please send changes to the Admissions Office as soon as they occur.

Send an email to

  • Not receiving registration fee
  • Not receiving letters of recommendation
  • Failure to submit the required documentation and forms by the deadline date

Yes. Send a request to

Yes, but they must be official transcripts. An email notification that your transcript is available should be sent to

Yes. Acceptance to the American Northwest University is contingent on satisfactory results of a criminal background check. Your acceptance may be rescinded if there is information on your background check that was not listed on your application or if the results are considered unsatisfactory by the Admissions Committee.

A Dean’s Certification letter is a type of academic background check that would contain any information about pending or former institutional actions taken against you as a student. Your acceptance may be rescinded if there is information on your Dean’s Certification that was not included on your application or if the results are considered unsatisfactory by the Admissions Committee. You only need to submit a Deans Certification Form from the educational institution where you earned or will earn your highest degree.

It is recommended to have your health insurance

Yes. Hospitals will not allow you to see patients with out having a malpractice insurance

Our admission office will assist you to get your malpractice insurance through one of our partners?

It depends on the time you start your clinical rotations, if it during the season, you may need a flue vaccine.

The White Coat Ceremony creates an important focus for students entering medical school. In the presence of family, friends and faculty members, student-physicians are welcomed into the medical community and are “cloaked” with their first white coats. The ceremony will be held in Chicago.

From time to time we may have a promotion. Please send your inquiry to

Yes. The government of Central America, Belize is obligated to provide our students with visa but they have to go through the visa application process.

Yes. If you are not a USA citizen or a green card holder, you will need a visa. We do not guarantee a visa for clinical rotations. You have to obtain the visa through the American Embassy. We will provide you with the letter and necessary documents to help you get your visa approved.

Should you decide to withdraw your acceptance, you must send an email to the Office of Admissions at Your tuition deposit will be refunded if you withdraw one week prior to your class starting date, except the visa and registration fee. Tuition deposits will not be refunded after that class starting date.

All Admissions Committee decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Contact the Office of Admissions at to request the status of your application.

Yes. We encourage you to meet with one of our student advisers to discuss ways in which you might strengthen your application. We will work with you to provide you with the information you need.

Yes. You need to submit a request through the Admission office six weeks prior to your rotation. The University has to approve the site and the attending physician.

Yes. You are allowed to repeat the semester once only, then you have to transfer to another university.

Yes. Many medical students take time off from medical school to engage in more in-depth research, pursue a Master in Public Health (MPH), or to simply devote personal time towards the family. Having said that, the leave of absence from medical school can only be up to one year in length. Students must obtain permission from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs for more information about this process.

Yes. We treat all applicants equally. All applicants must meet the same requirements.

  • All medical students who come to the ANUSM have the same opportunities.
  • Affordable tuition
  • Secured Clinical rotations in Chicago at a university teaching hospitals, Mainly at Weiss Memorial Hospital.
  • Having our own Medical Centers in different areas throughout Chicago land area with different background populations for best clinical experience.
  • Great professors and teaching attending Physicians who already teaching at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois.
  • Attending Physicians with long experience in teaching and having very diverse and busy practices for your best performance
  • Excellent supporting staff to help you and make your live much easier.
  • Great support to obtain your residency program in Chicago.

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