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You’ll go beyond your own high expectations as an faculty member at American Northwest University. Here, you’re not limited to one location, which allows you to transform the lives of online students in your home town, across the state or in another country. See if you qualify to join us and inspire students all over the world.

How To Become A Teacher

If you are a professor, Attending Physician or an assistant professor, you may transform lives around the world

Being a faculty member at American Northwest University helps you sharpen important communication skills that will become increasingly important to the way we all work and live. The best reason for becoming a faculty member at the American Northwest University is knowing that you are impacting your students’ lives in a positive way. The good that teachers do is immeasurable because the knowledge gained continues to pay off beyond your class. When you understand just how big the impact you can make for students with different cultures and backgrounds your perspective changes, your world gets a little bit bigger and you’ll be inspired to continue to exceed your expectations.
The preceptor leads by example, demonstrating and personifying competent care. Helps the student integrate clinical and professional practice. The preceptor demonstrates exemplary ethical behavior and enthusiasm for practice and interacts appropriately with other members of the health care team. The preceptor has a desire to teach and share expertise with students. he/she is responsible for assessing the student’s orientation needs, planning learning experiences, and facilitating patient assignment selection to achieve identified learning needs and goals. The preceptor in collaboration with the student plans and implements a teaching plan and evaluates progress based on mutually agreed upon orientation goals on an ongoing basis. The preceptor is also an assessor who observes and evaluates the developing student. This is one of the most difficult roles the preceptor has and can be a source of internal conflict, as he/she balances the roles of confidante and assessor. The teacher is able to clearly communicate the reasoning behind his/her decisions or actions, which helps the student learn to think and perform as a professional. Effective teachers give guidance and remain available when students are in stressful situations. They should also expect students to be independent learners who seek their own information and identify appropriate solutions. They assist students to develop effective and concise oral and written communication skills.
All instructors have to have at least a bachelor degree or advanced degree from an accredited institution.If you have a prior teaching experience its a plus but if you are working in your field of expertise and a demonstrated passion for helping others learn you can teach at ANU.