Professor Dr. Janell Hart - President​

Professor Dr. Hart has a doctorate degree in clinical Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. B.A in Psychology and M.A. (ABD) Experimental Psychology from the California State University Northridge, CA. Dr. Hart Served as a Teacher Assistant at the California State University Northridge, CA. Worked as an Assistant Professor at Lewis University Romeoville, IL,. Provided classes to Graduate Psychology Counseling students in: ▪ Statistics for Behavioral Sciences ▪ Experimental Psychology ▪ Personality and Development ▪ Intensive Group Experience ▪ Treatment of Addictive Disorders ▪ Treatment of Borderline Pathology Associate Professor at the American Northwest University and Clinical Psychologist at Northwest Recovery Center in Chicago, USA. Dr. Hart has a wealthy knowledge and long experience as a clinical Psychologist and a counselor..

Dr Mohammad Khamis - Dean

Dr. Khamis is an Internal Medicine specialist with a wealthy knowledge in primary care, heart disease and diabetes mellitus. Dr. Khamis is the Dean of the Medical School and the Dean for the Clinical Rotations in the US. He is the president and CEO of the northwest Health Care and Northwest Medical and Urgent Care Center with few locations.

Lana Rakovac - Student Services

Mrs Lana Rakovac is part of our Student Service team and a highly valued Member. She has about 14 years of experience in management and HR, she is a leader in student services and PR.


Sofia Uzunova - Student Services

Mrs Sofia Uzunova is part of our Student Service team and a highly valued Member. Sofia is a very talented person and has long time experience in practice management and student services. She has been working with us for quiet few years.


Edita Kalabic - Accountant / Bookkeeper

Mrs Edita Kalabic is our Accountant and Bookkeeper and a experienced Member of our team. She has around fifteen years of experience and been working with us for over ten years. Mrs Kalabic is delegated, very talented and passionate young lady.

Dr. Samer Asous

Dr Samer Asous, MD - Student advisor

Dr. Samer is very active and talented young physician who has a great experience in education and students need. Dr. Samer spent good time in the Caribbean Islands and has extensive knowledge in student counseling and PR.


Dr. Edgar Chedrawy, MD

Chest surgeon. Professor Chedray is the head of the surgery department

Dr. Ofelia Ionesco, MD

Psychiatrist and associate professor in charge for the Psychiatry Clinical rotations

Dr. Amjad Sheikh, MD

Associate professor, director of the Cardiology department

Dr. Venkata Buddharaju, MD

Professor Buddharaju is Internist and Critical care specialist and he is the head of the Critical Care department

Dr. Anders Mellgren, MD

Professor Mellgren is a Colorectal Surgery Specialist

Dr. Vladimir Jurisic, MD

Professor of hematology, oncology and immunology. Professor Jurisic has a fellowship in Cancer investigation at Charité University Berlin, Germany

Dr. Nidal Elbaridi, MD

MD, Associate professor, Pain Medicine Specialist

Dr. Zarina Merchant, MD

Associate Professor Family Medicine with long experience in pediatric services

Dr. Ahmad Shaher, MD

Associate Professor Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Shaher is the director of the Family Medicine department

Dr. Ayman Jabr, MD

Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Frederick M. Tiesenga, MD

Associate professor, general surgery

Dr. Farheen Shah-Khan, MD

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine and Nephrologist

Dr. Daniel Jimenez, MD

Associate professor. Director of the Emergency department and in charge for the Clinical rotation at the Emergency Room

Dr. Khalid Malik, MD

Associate professor, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Pekka Soini, MD, FACOG

Professor Soini is the head of the OB/GYN department

Dr. Stuart A. Krauss, MD

Associate professor Hematology and Oncology. Director of Medical Oncology

Dr. Jailan Osman, MD

Professor Osman is a Hematology, Pathologist and the director of Hematology department

Dr. Jeffrey Lisowski, MD

Associate Professor, infectious disease specialist

Dr. Alia N. Siddiqi, MD

Professor Siddiqi is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist

Dr. Samir Suleiman, MD

MD. Associate Professor specializing in Pediatrics

Dr. Mercedes Ken, MD

Assistant Professor, Primary Care Physician

Dr. Yevgeny Tsyrulnikov, MD

Dr. Tsyrulnikov is an Internist and a primary care Physician

Dr. George G. Kuritza, MD

Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology Specialist

Steven Wells, DPM

PhD surgeon and podiatric care with specialties in limb salvage and diabetic foot