Mrs Sharon Grant - Presidentโ€‹

Mrs Sharon Grant is the president of ANU with an extensive experience in management and policy making. Mrs Grant has long experience and active leadership skills. She also has an experience in a Physician's group leadership and contracting for many years in Chicago.

Dr Mohammad Khamis - Dean

Dr. Khamis is an Internal Medicine specialist with a wealthy knowledge in primary care, heart disease and diabetes mellitus. Dr. Khamis is the Dean of the Medical School and the Dean for the Clinical Rotations in the US. He is the president and CEO of the northwest Health Care and Northwest Medical and Urgent Care Center with few locations.

Lana Rakovac - Student Services

Mrs Lana Rakovac is part of our Student Service team and a highly valued Member. She has about 14 years of experience in management and HR, she is a leader in student services and PR.


Sofia Uzunova - Student Services

Mrs Sofia Uzunova is part of our Student Service team and a highly valued Member. Sofia is a very talented person and has long time experience in practice management and student services. She has been working with us for quiet few years.


Edita Kalabic - Accountant / Bookkeeper

Mrs Edita Kalabic is our Accountant and Bookkeeper and a experienced Member of our team. She has around fifteen years of experience and been working with us for over ten years. Mrs Kalabic is delegated, very talented and passionate young lady.

Dr. Samer Asous

Dr Samer Asous, MD - Student advisor

Dr. Samer is very active and talented young physician who has a great experience in education and students need. Dr. Samer spent good time in the Caribbean Islands and has extensive knowledge in student counseling and PR.