Through the development and implementation of effective systems for the management and enhancement of quality and standards, American Northwest University in Central America (ANU) aims to:

  • assure the academic standards of all taught courses and programs of research;
  • assure that the aims, content and learning outcomes of its courses are up-to-date;
  • professionally and vocationally relevant, develop specialist and transferable skills and meet the expectations of relevant national bodies;
  • assure that the arrangements for assessing its courses are reliable, effective and fair;
  • create a learning environment and provide learning resources that are conducive to effective study;
  • make available to students opportunities to engage with staff who are up-to-date in their subjects and committed to developing and improving their practice in teaching;
  • communicate to students clearly and succinctly the standards they are expected to achieve in order to attain the award for which they are registered and, through the provision of timely and useful feedback on assessed work, allow students to maximize the opportunities for attaining that award;
  • respond thoughtfully and constructively to feedback from stakeholders, including employers and sponsors, students, professional and statutory bodies, the funding council and other agencies;
  • encourage staff to reflect on the quality and standards of the courses for which they are responsible and as a result of that reflection seek achievable improvements to those courses;
  • contribute to the advancement and application of knowledge through research.

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