All clinical rotations are conducted in our state-of the art Medical Centers in Chicago and affiliated (ACGME) Green book hospitals.

At the American Northwest University we assist our students and navigate the process of successfully landing U.S. clinical rotations and passing the USMLE. Our goal is to support you every step of the way on your journey to successfully landing the U.S. residency program that best suits your career goals. Our students embark on Internal Medicine Foundations, which is an intensive clinical rotation, physician-supervised clerkship in Chicago, IL.
This clerkship specifically geared to build competence in the principles and practice of Internal Medicine and facilitate success in subsequent Internal Medicine and other rotations and in the USMLEStep 2

American Northwest University students complete the clinical portion and the majority of their training in the United States at leading teaching hospitals mainly in Chicago, And because our students are given hands-on experience from semester one, they transition into the other clinical semesters with confidence and actively participate in the discussion, making appropriate diagnosis and treatment plans. Additionally, our students have the option to complete all of their clinical rotations in Chicago to limit their travel expense.

Due to variety of patients background, diversity of cultures and hands-on training conducted at our four medical centers and affiliated hospitals allows students to further hone their physical examination, diagnostic, critical thinking, and communication skills through direct patient care.
A clinical rotation may help IMGs who are thinking to go back to their countries, to learn how to properly interact with their peers in order to cultivate an environment of respect and trust and to learn certain boundaries between physician and patients and good communication skills which can impact patient care and outcomes.
For the US students and other students who seek residency programs in the US the Clinical rotations are important for obtaining a residency position because they act as informal interviews. The physicians and hospital administrators they interact with are the ones that will most likely write their recommendation letters. These clinical clerkship assist students in figuring out what residencies are right for them.